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Transforming Bathrooms – One Refinishing Job at a Time

Since 1987, we’ve been transforming your old bathtubs, sinks, tiles, and showers to make them look fresh and new.

Niagara Bathtub Refinishing Inc: Specializing in Bathtub Refinishing and Repairs

Save money by refinishing your tubs, tiles, showers, and sinks instead of replacing them. Niagara Bathtub Refinishing Inc specializes in refinishing work for the various surfaces in your bathroom. We also provide chip repairs to porcelain, acrylic, and fibreglass tubs.


From residential to commercial properties, we provide an honest and reliable job every time. We stand behind all our products and ensure that if you follow the proper care tips your refinished surface can last 15 years or more. Not only is refinishing services a fraction of replacement prices, but refinishing is a quick procedure. Don’t spend days or even weeks working on your renovation project. Try refinishing for a faster, cost-effective solution!

Tub Care Tips

At Niagara Bathtub Refinishing Inc, we suggest you follow our tub care tips after refinishing your bathtub to make them last longer. Do not use it for 24 to 48 hours. In order to keep your tub clean and maintain the beauty of your bathtub’s surface, we recommend the following:


 Remove excess water and wipe the bathtub after every use 
 Make sure to close the faucets tightly and drain the shower pipe after use 
 Do not rest any soap, shampoo, wet cloths, or towels on the surface of the tub for a long period of time 
 Clean the tub once a week with a non-abrasive cleaner 
 Use foam tub and tile cleaners 
 Scrub the built-in bathmat once a month with a soft brush and cleaner

Treating your new bathtub surface with care, cleaning it regularly, and keeping your taps dry, will keep the surface of your bathtub bright and shiny for many years. Call us today to learn more about our services.


Promotions and Special Offers

  • Free estimates  

  • Free slip protection with tub reglazing  

  • 6-year residential warranty - contact us for more information

Update Your Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank!

Why replace your old bathtub when you can refinish it instead? Learn more about bathtub refinishing services and view some before and after photos of our work.

We Can Adapt Your Bathroom to Your Lifestyle Needs

We offer a bathtub cutout service, allowing safe entry and exit out of a bathtub.

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