Transforming Bathrooms One Refinishing Job at a Time

Refinishing & Repairs for Tubs & Other Surfaces in Your Bathroom

Update the look of your bathroom with refinishing and repair work from Niagara Bathtub Refinishing. With our refinishing techniques, we can transform your old bathroom in hours. We handle refurbishing for tubs, tiles, showers, sinks, and more. We can also offer paint stripping and repairs to different types of tubs before refinishing. Be amazed at what a little refinishing job can do to your bathroom’s overall appearance.

With eco-friendly products available, Niagara Bathtub Refinishing refurbishes the following:

  • Claw foot tubs (cast iron)
  • All ceramic bathroom items in older homes
  • Whirlpool and Jacuzzi
  • Acrylic or fibreglass surround
  • Fibreglass inlays
  • Slip protection
  • Bathtub cut-outs
  • Caulking Replacement
  • Pedestal sinks

Advantages of Refinishing

When it comes to refinishing your tub, tiles, shower, or sink, there are many advantages. Don’t go another day with that outdated bathroom. Let Niagara Bathtub Refinishing refinish the surfaces in your bathroom so that you can reap the benefits:

  • Re-glaze for a fraction of the price
  • Don't have to spend thousands of dollars replacing tub and tile
  • Get rid of that 70’s green, blue, and gold in hours
  • Give your bathroom a new look in a day
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Don't replace, we offer affordable alternatives for your decorating needs

Contact Niagara Bathtub Refinishing for a free estimate on your refinishing and repair projects. We proudly serve Niagara, Ontario.

  • tub/shower before
  • tub/shower after
  • tub before
  • tub after
  • tub before
  • tub after
  • tub before
  • tub after

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Take care of your tub after our refinishing to ensure lasting beauty

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