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Care Tips for Your Tub After Refinishing

After Niagara Bathtub Refinishing has refinished your tub, do NOT use it for 24 to 48 hours. Your tub has just been resurfaced with the finest product in tub and tile resurfacing used today. In order to maintain the beauty of your tub’s surface we recommend the following tips:

  • As with a new tub, remove excess water and wipe tub after each use.
  • Be sure the faucets are tightly closed and shower pipe drained after each use.
  • Do not rest any soap, wet cloths, shampoo or towels on the surface for long periods of time.


To keep your tub clean we offer the following advice:

  • Even though the tub does not look dirty, it should be cleaned at least once a week with a non-abrasive cleaner.
  • Use foam tub and tile cleaner.
  • Never use powders, creams, or dish soap.
  • Scrub built in bathmat once a month with cleaner and soft brush.


If you treat your new surface with respect, clean it regularly, and keep your taps dry, your finish will stay shiny and bright for many years.

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