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Bathtub Cutouts in the Niagara Region

Are you finding it difficult to get in and out of your tub? Are you worried that you or a loved one could slip and seriously injure themselves in their own home? Our bathtub cutouts will help you enjoy a safe entry into and exit out of your existing bathtub. Bathtub cutouts are an affordable solution to maintain safety and provide easy accessibility for the elderly and people with physical restrictions or mobility issues.


The professionals at Niagara Bathtub Refinishing Inc can convert your regular bathtub into a walk-in style tub in just hours.  Our experts are committed to creating a safe shower and bathing experience at your home without exceeding your budget. Since 1987, we’ve been proudly serving the needs of bathtub refinishing needs of retirement and nursing homes, hotels, and private homes including condominiums, houses, and apartments.

Advantages of Bathtub Cutouts

  • Reduce the risk of a slip or fall while entering or exiting your bathtub

  • Save money vs. replacing the entire tub 

  • Full installation within hours vs. weeks for a complete bathroom renovation

Why spend thousands of dollars to completely renovate your bathroom if you don't need to? Contact us today to get your free bathtub cut-out estimate.

Get Step-in Accessibility to Your Existing Tub

Our skilled professionals can convert your regular bathtub into a walk-in style tub.

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